Saturday, January 10, 2009

Make me look like "FaceBait"

As many of the readers of this blog may have already discovered my parents have discovered Facebook. Actually they had previously had Facebook accounts, but they didn't know that you can actually look people up in the search feature and invite them to be your friend.

When we were sitting around the table during the Christmas break, Dad wanted to know why I had so many friends. I, stupidly, explained that you just have to look for people's name and then send them an invitation to be your friend.

Now, I know many of you are saying, I have done that with my parents it wasn't that bad because none of their friends are on Facebook. Normally, I would say that would be the case with my parents as well, but my Dad thinks that everybody he has ever met is now his friend; let me tell you, that's a lot of people. I believe that my dad now has the goal of adding every student he has ever had during all of his years in education.

Just to give you a little taste of the weirdness here is a conversation that I was lucky enough to share with my dad.

Dad: Do you think that you could take some pictures of me and your mother.

Me: Why do you want me to take pictures of you? (my sister is the one with the art degree and normally does the artsy things.)

Dad: I need a new profile picture for Facebook.

Me: Why? Yours looks fine.

Dad: I need some new FaceBait.

Me: What the hell is FaceBait?

Dad: FaceBait is when you have such a great profile picture it makes people want to be your friend.

Me: Oh...............I am not sure I have the lens that will do that for you......but I will still take your picture.

Dad: Great (strangely excited), I am going to find a shirt that looks good on me.

We did get the pictures taken. I don't really know if they really have reached the level of "FaceBait", but I was already working with the deck stacked against me. For all of you out there (and there can't be many of you) who are not yet "friends" with my father-send him an invite to be his friend on Facebook. His name is Paul Baker, it would make his day.

(Here's his "FaceBait" picture. Sorry it isn't any bigger, we deleted the pictures from our camera. Why would we need to have his "FaceBait" pictures in our pic files?)

Thursday, January 8, 2009

31 going on 13!!!

Every year I labor over what to request for Christmas. On one hand I can get the gifts that you really need, but really - that is very boring. I work really hard to ensure that my life never descends into boring. As a result of this, I put as many fun things on my Christmas list as possible, unfortunately most people who get me gifts believe they know what I need, and completely disregard the list. I am not really sure why I spend so much time debating this in my mind, but I do.

Although I don't always like the random things that people get me, this year was really good.

With that in mind, I want to give you a few of the many highlights from this Christmas.

I can enjoy my morning cup of tea with this tea diffuser built right into the cup. This cup requires loose leaf tea, which seems so much more sophisticated, but in reality is just more of a pain in the ass. But, I love drinking tea out of this thing, because it isn't practical and I get to make the tea that comes in a cool little can.

I am going to party like a rock star with my new guitar to go along with the game "Guitar Hero." I can't wait to start posting clips of people looking like complete idiots, while they are jamming to a video game.

And in the surprise of all surprises, my mom got me these FREAKIN AWESOME gloves from Grenade Gloves. This was the one item that I was really hoping somebody would get for me. Sarah was going to get them, but thankfully she checked with my mom before hand, because mom had already ordered them. I can't wait to sport these puppies when we go skiing in March.

I also did get some practical gifts that will serve the family well, and those will be enjoyed for years to come.