Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Easter Weekend

We enjoyed a wonderful Easter weekend together. The spring weather is here in Austin, so we got to enjoy the great weather through some outdoor activities! Friday afternoon we meet some friends at an outdoor bar, so we could watch the Horns win their first game on their road to the Final Four. It was fun to be out and Sawyer was so excited to be out that he slept the entire time!

On Saturday we were invited to an annual Easter egg decorating party. Who knew there were so many creative ways to decorate an egg? Here are some images of the final products!

Here are the eggs in the animal category! There were categories for the kids' eggs and the adult decorated eggs. A winner was voted on from each category, then we voted on an overall winner.

The overall winner, the Texas egg, of course! Texans can always think of a new way to show their Texas spirit! Funny, that the decorator of this egg is a yankee like us. I guess you can't help catching some Texas spirit when you live in this state!

Sunday morning we worshiped at the 10:45 service to celebrate our Risen Lord. We've taken Sawyer to church the last couple of weeks and he's just slept through the entire service. This week he was excited about the Easter message, since he stayed awake the entire service. He was so good throughout the service and seemed to especially enjoy the music from the choir and band. Let's hope this is how baptism goes in two weeks!

Here are some pics after returning from church and Easter brunch. By this time Sawyer was getting a bit sleepy! We are so thankful for the many gifts the Lord has and continues to give us.

Sawyer's Easter bunny outfit...he is just too cute!

We had such a great weekend together as a family, that I got a bit behind on some of the chores around the house. Sawyer thought this was a bit funny! Although, I'm not sure there will ever be a time that the house will be "caught up" again. We're just enjoying too many other things as a family.

One last pic of our little man! We're looking forward to our dear friend and Sawyer's godmother, Gretchen, visiting us for the first time this weekend.

We hope your family had a wonderful Easter weekend, too!
He is Risen! He is Risen, Indeed! Alleluia!

Friday, March 21, 2008

3 Generations of Baker Men

If this isn't a scary sight I don't know what is. It is a good thing that Sawyer is in this picture to help soften the image just a bit. I guess that I didn't realize this until now, but I think that Sawyer is the first male grandchild on the entire Baker side of the family. My cousin David has a daughter.

Monday, March 17, 2008

Pro Evolution Soccer - its finally here

I have been waiting for the newest version of Pro Evolution Soccer (formally Winning Eleven) to come out for my XBox 360 for quite a while now. I was finally able to go and pick it up last Wednesday. As you can see I am not the only one who is happy to see the 2008 version finally arrive.

I have proceeded to lose most of the matches I have played, but loved every minute of late night gaming I can muster together.

Thursday, March 13, 2008

New Kid = Changes in Transportation

When we started telling people that we were pregnant, one of the questions that came up a number of times was when are we going to be getting an automobile that is better suited to child transportation. Our fellow friends and family in the blog world have faced a similar decision. Some people decided for less car, some decide for more (not sure they had a choice), some just went with something that better met their needs. We talked about it for a while, and decided that we were just fine with the two sedans that we had (Galant and Accord). Well after a month of being parents we are learning to deal with the negative aspects of getting a bigger car.

As it sits now, the child seat takes up so much space in the back-seat that the front passenger has no leg room because the seat has to be moved so far forward (truth be told this doesn't really effect me, because Sarah lets me drive when we are together). We have also discovered that you need to take lots of crap with you when you travel with a baby (who would have thought). Add in the dog and we are just plain out of room, so....................................

We got a roof rack.

All of those potential problems listed above still don't outweigh the fact we are months away from being free and clear on our remaining car payment, and both cars get good gas mileage have convinced us to stick with what we had. The roof rack was a way to add a little extra storage, and transport our bikes (or snowboards).

I also just want to extol the virtues of Craigslist. I ended up trading Sarah's bike for the rack straight-up. The guy I swapped with said that he could us a bike, and he didn't need the roof rack anymore. Now I know some of you are saying "Wasn't Sarah's bike suppose to go on the rack as well, so if you traded the bike doesn't that defeat the purpose?" The truth is, when we bought Sarah's bike 5 years ago, it was a little more advanced then her riding style (translation - she needs something with less features, so she can just focus on going straight and not crashing). We are already watching Craigslist for some type of beach cruiser bike.