Thursday, January 8, 2009

31 going on 13!!!

Every year I labor over what to request for Christmas. On one hand I can get the gifts that you really need, but really - that is very boring. I work really hard to ensure that my life never descends into boring. As a result of this, I put as many fun things on my Christmas list as possible, unfortunately most people who get me gifts believe they know what I need, and completely disregard the list. I am not really sure why I spend so much time debating this in my mind, but I do.

Although I don't always like the random things that people get me, this year was really good.

With that in mind, I want to give you a few of the many highlights from this Christmas.

I can enjoy my morning cup of tea with this tea diffuser built right into the cup. This cup requires loose leaf tea, which seems so much more sophisticated, but in reality is just more of a pain in the ass. But, I love drinking tea out of this thing, because it isn't practical and I get to make the tea that comes in a cool little can.

I am going to party like a rock star with my new guitar to go along with the game "Guitar Hero." I can't wait to start posting clips of people looking like complete idiots, while they are jamming to a video game.

And in the surprise of all surprises, my mom got me these FREAKIN AWESOME gloves from Grenade Gloves. This was the one item that I was really hoping somebody would get for me. Sarah was going to get them, but thankfully she checked with my mom before hand, because mom had already ordered them. I can't wait to sport these puppies when we go skiing in March.

I also did get some practical gifts that will serve the family well, and those will be enjoyed for years to come.

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