Monday, July 20, 2009

Kitchen Nook

After being shamed by my father for never blogging anymore, so here goes.

We have been wanting to put in a kitchen nook for a while now, and I have been waiting for somebody with a little more woodworking skill (i.e. my dad) to be here to help. After waiting for so long I have just decided to wade in and see what happens. I figure the worst that can happen is that Sawyer gets injured on a rusty nail, and I have to take him to the hospital for a shot or maybe a cast (now keep in mind these are worst case outcomes).

Thanks to the wonders of "the internet" I even found a video that made it appear that any fool could get this bench made in under six minutes. Well lets just say that it has taken more then six minutes, but I figured on about three days to get this project completed to my, and more importantly Sarah's, satisfaction.

I spent the day listening to "The Current" and putting together the frame for the breakfast nook. I have now finished the building, and only have to paint the darn thing and I am done.

The space before the bench.
From Family Blog

The beginnings of a frame
From Family Blog

Things are coming together
From Family Blog

Finished and placed
From Breakfast Nook

Sawyer loves the benches because he can now get up while eating and run back and forth on the benches.
From Breakfast Nook

Look at that, they even have hinge tops, so that we can hide stuff underneath
From Breakfast Nook

Look for the finished, and painted product later this week. I also wanted to thank Dave K. for letting me borrow his compound miter saw, it made the framing go twice as fast.


bakersinspringfield said...

Way to go... It looks terrific..
I am so proud...

Miriam said...

Impressive...I almost gave up checking your blog. Can't wait to see the painted versions.