Tuesday, December 25, 2007

I found all those letters.

I guess that when you ask, you shall receive. Shortly after writing my post about not getting any letters with the Christmas cards, I went to go and get the mail. Low and behold, there are more Christmas cards, and all three of them have Christmas letters in them. Thank you Obermueller's, Beck's, and Wagner's, it was delightful to read about your lives. We also got a wonderful letter from the Erkkinens via email, and I just want to say that although it wasn't the traditional method of delivery, it was still delightful. So I am not picky, I just want to hear about some of the significant events in the last year. Heck, my grandmother used to write about the weather and good dinners they had, so there isn't anything too mundane for my tastes.

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pajlbaker said...

Just got your Christmas letter. What a great year you've had. Next year will be even more wonderful with the newest Baker on the block.

We love Christmas letters too--in fact, we don't read them all at once. We savor them one or two a night over tea and cookies after supper. It's a great Baker tradition.