Thursday, March 13, 2008

New Kid = Changes in Transportation

When we started telling people that we were pregnant, one of the questions that came up a number of times was when are we going to be getting an automobile that is better suited to child transportation. Our fellow friends and family in the blog world have faced a similar decision. Some people decided for less car, some decide for more (not sure they had a choice), some just went with something that better met their needs. We talked about it for a while, and decided that we were just fine with the two sedans that we had (Galant and Accord). Well after a month of being parents we are learning to deal with the negative aspects of getting a bigger car.

As it sits now, the child seat takes up so much space in the back-seat that the front passenger has no leg room because the seat has to be moved so far forward (truth be told this doesn't really effect me, because Sarah lets me drive when we are together). We have also discovered that you need to take lots of crap with you when you travel with a baby (who would have thought). Add in the dog and we are just plain out of room, so....................................

We got a roof rack.

All of those potential problems listed above still don't outweigh the fact we are months away from being free and clear on our remaining car payment, and both cars get good gas mileage have convinced us to stick with what we had. The roof rack was a way to add a little extra storage, and transport our bikes (or snowboards).

I also just want to extol the virtues of Craigslist. I ended up trading Sarah's bike for the rack straight-up. The guy I swapped with said that he could us a bike, and he didn't need the roof rack anymore. Now I know some of you are saying "Wasn't Sarah's bike suppose to go on the rack as well, so if you traded the bike doesn't that defeat the purpose?" The truth is, when we bought Sarah's bike 5 years ago, it was a little more advanced then her riding style (translation - she needs something with less features, so she can just focus on going straight and not crashing). We are already watching Craigslist for some type of beach cruiser bike.


Miriam said...

So I left you a long comment last night...but was told commenting was unavailable! I kept waiting for you to announce the purchase of some large minivan/SUV - glad you could be so thrifty with Craigslist! Every time I look back I see a new header! : )

Jen said...

Wow, what a goregous header! Sarah you are glowing!!!