Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Another Semester Complete

I'm done...well, at least for this semester! I just completed my twenty page action research paper, as well as my poster for my presentation. These two projects conclude this semester's class. I'm taking the summer off from class, although I think I'm going to try to get a jump on my fall semester's literature review, as it will need to be about triple the length of this semester's work.

At times it was a challenge to find time to read and write. It's really hard to compose complete thoughts when you're not sleeping through the night! Lucky for me, our little guy has been sleeping eight to twelve hour stretches at night the last two weeks. This is such a gift, as I was working on putting my semester long work together.

And what post would be complete without some pictures of our little comet! He had his first giggle yesterday! He had a few more today, when he was in the mood. It is too cute! It's so amazing to see the growth and changes that happen each and every day.

I love listening to my daddy read to me before bed.

I love to look up and talk at my friends when I'm in my swing.

Here's my crazy dog, Sabine. She likes to follow my momma and me EVERYWHERE around the house during the day. (Thanks again to my friends the Hutson's for my overalls. I love them!)

I really like to roll to my side when I'm playing on the floor.

Just hanging out in the kitchen while momma gets dinner ready. There's so much to hear, smell, and see!

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Miriam said...

Congrats on finishing your semester! Truly amazing while having a newborn. Seems like Sawyer is changing so quickly - I can't imagine how much he'll have changed by the time we see him in June!