Monday, April 28, 2008

Mr. Mom

Once a week Mr. Mom took on Sawyer solo, so I could attend my grad class in the evenings. Tonight was my women's small group bible study, so Mr. Mom would be flying solo again, after a very crazy day at work. All appeared to be well as I walked out the door at 7:00pm.

As I called home around 9:45pm to let Minor know I was on my way home, he didn't answer the home or cell phone. I wondered if all was okay, but figured maybe he'd gone to bed early after a very long day at work. When I walked through the door, I found Minor like this in our living room rocking chair with Sawyer.

Sawyer had decided to be extremely fussy and cry (or scream as Minor stated) for an hour while I was gone. We're not to sure what was up with Sawyer, as this is unusual for him. Perhaps, he was just really overtired. Needless to say, Minor could have phoned me (I had my cell) to come home, but he didn't. I am so thankful to have a full-time partner in this parenting adventure.

Besides loving to sleep on daddy, Sawyer loves checking all the scores, blogs, and news with daddy on the computer.

He's just as handsome as his daddy, too!

You are truly amazing, Mr. Mom! I am so grateful to have you by my side. You are the love and joy of my life!


Miriam said...

Cute cute pictures and good job Mr. Mom. In that last picture Sawyer looks a lot like Sarah. It drove me crazy when people used to say that about my girls - who them resemble...but I can't help myself! He is changing so fast!

bakersinspringfield said...

I love the photos of Sawyer and Andrew. They are wonderful and make a mom and grandma proud. What a handsome pair they are. I agree that Sawyer does resemble his mother a great deal in the most recent photo.

Alycia said...

Ha! I wanted to leave a note stating how much Sawyer looks like you in the last picture...guess I'm not the only perceptive one! What a cutie!

Chad and Jen said...

Wow, I am amazed how much Sawyer looks like you Sarah (yep, that last photo)! He is such a handsome and beautiful boy.