Wednesday, May 7, 2008

12 Weeks Ago...

...Sawyer entered our world. It's been the beginning of an amazing adventure for us. He's really been an "easy" baby, as the baby books describe, which does make us wonder what the next one will be like! :) We know that there will be plenty of "not easy" moments to come, so we're enjoying being parents of the "easy" baby.

Twelve weeks ago my leave from teaching also began. During my leave I learned more than I thought one could in twelve short weeks. So, in no particular order, a few of my learnings:

*Being a mom is a never ending job. I don't know if the house will ever be "completely" clean, again. (I'm still coming to terms with this realization.)

*Given the choice between eating, showering, or sleeping, I chose to sleep. This really wasn't a hard decision for me to make!

*The love and support from family and friends is a cherished gift. We were so grateful to our friends for organizing meals for us for the first eight weeks. This gift gave us the opportunity to become more settled with our life with Sawyer. Again, we are so thankful for all that made that gift possible!

*Who knew someone so little could take up your entire day and that you'd love every minute of it?! My thoughts to get some "unfinished" projects done during my leave have moved to my summer "to do" list!

*Losing the rest of the baby weight is going to take awhile. I'm not convinced any woman can walk out of the hospital in her skinny jeans. But, I know some day I'll be back in mine, it's just going to take some time and exercise!

*A baby grows and changes in just a blink of your eye. Just yesterday we saw a baby that was just a month old...I don't think Sawyer was every that small, was he?!

*Life is a miracle! Each day my awe and wonder grows as I experience the miracle of life!

I know as the weeks pass, I will only continue to learn more, especially as I have to return to work tomorrow. I will be learning to balance work into our new routines!

Although, it's going to be difficult, I know that there are only 16 days left in the school year, then it's summer break!

I also know that I am so lucky to work with such amazing women! Here are just a few pictures of the gals that make teaching at Cactus Ranch another one of my favorite things in life.

Here's Jess (with her sweet little girl, Avery) and April. I love you, gals!

Here's some of my team mates; Carol, Steph, Jess, and Amie. I love working with you and am also so thankful for your friendship!

And, here he is now..three months old! Sawyer loves sitting in his bumbo. It's getting more difficult to capture his smiles, since whenever the camera goes up in front of our face, the smile fades and his curiosity grows.

Keep peeking in on us! I'm sure Minor will have a story or two to share, since he's taking care of Sawyer for these first days when I return to work. I can only imagine the fun the boys will have together!

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MacKenzie said...

Sarah and Minor,
Sawyer is so adorable! Yes, we would love to get Sawyer and Corbin together this summer! By the way are you all in some kind of playgroup? I would like to join one to meet other Mommies and kiddos but I don't know of any? Just curious!

Minor, thanks for sitting in on my ARD today! :)