Saturday, May 31, 2008

Thank Heavens for Little Sisters

We've made it!

My last day of school with the kiddos was yesterday. On Monday, Sawyer and I will head to Cactus to just finish packing and moving boxes. I'm still uncertain what position I will have for the upcoming school year, as I've interviewed for the administration internships the district will have next year. The interview committee placed me into the "internship pool", so now I'm available for school interviews. If a school has an internship position for the upcoming school year, they can call me in for their campus interview. If the internship position doesn't work out and I'm teaching, I'll be back in kindergarten. Although, I'm also keeping my eye out for part-time positions, which usually don't come open until later in the summer, if at all. So, I guess who really knows what's going to happen. I'm going to try to just forget about it and enjoy the summer!

The last few weeks of being back at work were really great thanks to my sister and some good friends! Elizabeth flew down from Minnesota to spend almost two weeks with us. Sawyer loved every minute of his aunt's visit. He even rolled over and continued to perfect his new rolling moves with her.

We had a pretty bad storm one night Elizabeth was here and had to take shelter in our only interior closet. It was a good thing she was here, since we had to move things out of the closet and shelves, like glass jars and vases, so we could all be safe inside. The closet has now been reorganized, so we're prepared for the next severe storm. Minor also thought this event was worthy of a few pictures for Sawyer's baby book!

After my sister's departure some of my girlfriends took Sawyer in for the last few days of school. Sawyer especially enjoyed his time with Jessica and her little one, Avery! Avery is such a cutie. She's so sweet to Sawyer and loves to love on him. I can hardly wait for Sawyer to start moving, so they can run around and play together.

They were so excited to see each other in the morning!

Thanks again to Lori, Sarah, and Jessica for helping us out and taking such great care of our little comet!

We love you, Elizabeth! Thanks again for all your help!


bakersinspringfield said...

Now that's what I'm talking about--lots of great photos of Sawyer and his parents. Thanks for the update. Grandmothers like to see these things.

The Gunthers said...

It was a blast to watch your little one! We love Mr. Sawyer!

Chad and Jen said...

Congratulations on finshing out the school year!! Sawyer is getting so big, love those pictures!