Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Summer Movies

The summer movie season has started! It will be a bit more difficult this year with Sawyer to get all our movie watching in, but we've already been able to get in two of this summer's most anticipated releases!

On May 31, bright and early, I met my BFFs, (Best Friend Forever, Minor likes to call my girlfriends this!) at the Waterloo Ice House for a great breakfast before we headed off to see Sex and the City. If you're a fan of the series, you're going to love every minute of the movie! It was a great morning, spent with some of my closest girlfriends.

That same evening after dinner, Minor went to Indiana Jones with some of our friends. He enjoyed it and said it was a pretty good summer movie. I guess he needs to see a few more movies before he knows where this one ranks in his best of summer list.

We're hoping to catch a movie or two during our upcoming road trip, as we're thinking grandparents may love some "quality time" with Sawyer! :) Speaking of the grandparents, here are some recent photos of the little comet, just for you! We know a post without pictures of him is not a post you like, so here are some pics just for you! We're really looking forward to our upcoming visits!

Sawyer's New Trick! He discovered his toes at the grocery store on Memorial Day. He's often trying and quite successful at getting them into his mouth.

Sawyer enjoys his Jump & Go! At the moment he's most interested in the toys in front of him, but I don't think it will be long before he figures out he can make himself move in this.

Sawyer's ready for our lake house vacation! He actually likes wearing hats at the moment, so we continue to encourage this, especially with the Texas sun!

Sawyer's begun reaching out to touch Sabine when she is near him. Sabine continues to be very patient with Sawyer and is always willing, much to my dismay, to give him lots of kisses.

Sawyer's 4 months old! Such a big boy!

Sawyer's Exersaucer...Daddy likes to call this toy ADHD Playground!

Daddy had to put the Exersaucer together, which took some time. Actually, I should of taken a picture or two of that event! :) Sawyer loves to watch the lights light up. He's amazed every time he pulls the strings that make the lights go.

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