Sunday, November 23, 2008

Light the Tree!

This turned into one of those nights that always sounds good, but in reality it becomes a giant pain in the butt. Sarah heard that they were going to be lighting the Macy's tree last night in Austin at the Domain. This is fairly close to our house so we figured "what the heck". Apparently lots of other people had this same idea, so just getting to the lighting ceremony meant waiting in a long line of cars, then parking about a mile away in a dirt lot. We were already "late" so we were rushing to get up to the tree. I think at this point Sawyer was wondering what the heck was going on because there were lots of people and cars around.

Here we are looking happy and excited to see the tree get lit up.

Unfortunately, this was about as close as we could get. To make this more fun, I started talking to this grandmother next to me and before I knew it she had convinced me to put her squirming grandson on my shoulders so he could see better. That really wasn't all that bad, because he was like 3 years old, but he didn't want to sit on some tall stranger's shoulders, not that I blame him. As luck may have it, he had an older sister who was a future Husky girl model. She had no problem sitting on some tall stranger's shoulders.

After about an hour of standing around, this picture pretty much sums up our feelings about the experience. We didn't even stick around to see the lighting, I heard that it happened about an hour after we left.

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