Sunday, November 30, 2008

The Best Thanksgiving Ever

That may be slightly misleading. We decided that since this was the first Thanksgiving for Sawyer, it would be fun to spend it with family rather than at home (which is our normal routine). We couldn't have been more wrong. Here is the basic run down of all the good times.

Good: Convincing your wife a weekend playing at a soccer tourney is a fair trade off for 24 hours of driving time to and from Missouri for Thanksgiving.

Bad: Bleacher Butt after 24 hours of said driving - 12 hours of which was with a sick kid.

Good: Turkey

Bad: Not getting a full night of sleep during the Thanksgiving break because of a sick child.

Good: Finding a Dr. that wasn't urgent care during the holiday weekend-who had an appointment.

Bad: Idiot pharmacist who didn't put any flavoring in medicine for a baby - that crap is hard enough to administer with flavoring - try doing it without for your own personal hell.

Good: Getting to spend time with family and friends who came from all over to enjoy each others company - and share in taking care of a sick little boy.

Bad: Waking up on the morning you are leaving to find that your car windows have been smashed in and stuff has been stolen - oh and to be the cherry on top - finding out that the windows can't be repaired until Monday morning.

Really Bad - having your dad offer to loan you his "Cargo Van" for the month and he will drive your nice car until you come back for Christmas.

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