Thursday, February 25, 2010

My Olympic Dream

The Winter Olympics are nearly over and as is always the case, I will be just a little depressed for a couple of days following the closing ceremonies. I have watched more biathlon, Nordic combined, and curling then should be legally allowed. I don't know about everybody else, but each time the Olympics roll around (summer or winter) I spend more time crying over Olympic moments then I ever did at weddings (including my own), funerals, or significant life events (birth of all 3 boys). There is something about the soothing tone of Tom Brokaw's voice over the soaring inspirational music, telling the story about the Polish sheep herder, whose brother was a killed in a freak sausage making incident, fighting to do the unthinkable and win the first Polish curling medal.

I also spend lots of time thinking about what Olympic sports I would still be eligible to participate in based on my age and level of fitness. Granted this was always a fairly limited list, because there are just something's I just don't have the body type or physical ability to do.

Ski Jumping - is it me, or do these dudes look like anorexic middle school kids - I am way to fat to fly
  • this also eliminates Nordic Combined (combination of ski jumping and cross country skiing)
Short Track Speed Skating - I am not Korean or a long haired french speaker (French and Canadians)

Cross Country - this looks a lot like much work
  • using "to much work" as an excuse probably already disqualifies me from ever being an Olympian
Figure Skating - I don't look good in corsets

Skiing and Snowboarding Events: I certainly have the mentality and the right attitude, if Alberto Tomba can squeeze himself into some racing tights why couldn't I? But alas, I live where people call off school when it snows (or even threatens to snow) an inch.

That leaves Curling. Having looked at the bio's of the currently Olympic Curling team, I think that I still have a shot to live the Olympic Dream. I will know I am old when I can finally cross Curling off the list of Olympic sports I still have a shot at making my Olympic debut.


Anonymous said...

Curling, I reached the same conculsion. I'm going for, but they tell me in the Olympics you can't have beer on ice.. that's a demotivator to be honest.
You never know we might need a 4th up here for leauge play.

Minor said...

Sank I have been reading your blog for a couple of months. I had this Olympic post in the queue for about a week, but when I saw yours I thought I had better finish it and push it out there.

I agree on the beer thing, but since the next Winter Games are going to be in Russia, I think there is a good chance that Vodka will be allowed