Friday, February 5, 2010

Week Update

It has been a busy week, but at this point aren't they all busy. I thought I would take a few minutes and provide an update on the latest happenings in Casa Baker. It has been a rainy week, and to avoid sounding like some kind of geriatric weatherman - I won't bore you with the specifics, but the backyard is starting to look more like a muddy bog and less like a weed infested, poop filled construction site. This wouldn't normally be a problem, except for the fact we have a dog that snorts a few lines of meth (do you even snort meth....I honestly don't know) to begin her day, and when she doesn't get to go out and run around she is a bit restless. "the Boy" does his best to provide her with a little exercise by chasing her around the house with is little plastic shopping cart. Mrs. B and I have tried to cut down on the chasing, because it is annoying as hell, but when it is raining, all bets are off, because if they aren't chasing each other around the house, they are all in our business. One of the apparent benefits all this rain is that lake levels are on the way up to normal levels. According to Facebook status updates, people are willing to put up with a sloppy spring, in order to spend more time on the lakes this summer. Now if we can just get those boat owning friends of ours to take us out more often we will be set.

The blogging world welcomed the Wehr sisters to the droves of people writing stuff that nobody except mothers care about. I am particularly excited to have both of them writing again. Mrs. B has spent countless hours in front of the computer preparing for the most perfect blog launch ever. For more months then I care to count, she has dealt me excuse after excuse on why she hasn't been publishing (some more valid then others). The most creative and entertaining excuse of all was given less then two weeks ago, when Mrs. B said she had concerns about starting her blog because she was afraid she would be inundated with an endless supply of products from companies looking for a mommy blogger endorsement. Although this can be a problem as detailed here, here, and humorously here, I pointed out to the lovely and talented Mrs. B that people actually had to read what you were writing, and that meant you actually had to write something for people to read. Now that she has the blog up and running, any company looking to market to a niche following of grandmothers in their mid-50's currently living in Missouri and Minnesota, and teacher friends living in Central Texas, please contact Mrs. B at, she promises to rate your product with integrity....especially if you send it to her for free.

Apparently Daddybloggers are not nearly the advertising force, but just in case any companies are out there looking for a daddyblogger....I am your guy. I am especially interested in reviewing luxury cars, single malt scotch, pretty much any music, and snowboards (although for me to adequately review your snowboard, you would also need to provide compensation for travel cost since the snow hills in Texas have all but shutdown for the year.)

Also entering the world of blogging is Mrs. B's sister who is currently studying abroad in Finland. If you would like to know more about architecture and her adventures in Finland follow her stories here.

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