Monday, September 13, 2010

Day 13 - Parent Night and Teen Party

After getting everybody to bed tonight, I took the 'ol steel horse out for a ride around the neighborhood. My plan was to circle the neighborhood schools (two elementary, middle, and high school) before heading home via a different route. I was able to catch this sunset on the Iphone before heading out. On my 4 mile cruise through my little part of the world, I saw a number of interesting things.
  1. Apparently tonight was Open House for the entire neighborhood, because there were tons of cars at all of the schools.
  2. A church parking lot that was playing house music and had upwards of a 100 high school kids standing around and drinking Mexican soda.....just seemed a little weird for a Monday night.
  3. lots of neighbors outside talking
  4. maybe the best part of cruising around is the smell of all those BBQ grills cooking dinner
  5. I was also able to help a fellow citizen by giving directions, without ever slowing down.

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