Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Day 7 - Tropical Storm be damned, I ride bikes.

"You can't go out tonight, it is pouring, thundering and lightning, and there is a tornado warning" those are the words Mrs B said as I was headed out the door to sneak in my 30 Days of Biking trip. Tropical Storm Hermine was not going to keep me from getting in my nightly ride. So for all you people out there who say you can't get out there and ride on a daily basis, if I can do it with a storm the size of Texas sitting right over my house so can you.

Post 3 mile loop in the torrential downpour

The eye of Hermine passed within 30 miles of my house (really not as impressive as it sounds) and brought more then 5 inches of rain so far, and it is still raining.

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Anonymous said...

You are amazing!!! – @Zachamon