Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Handyman Jobs for the Holiday's

Two weeks from now we are going to have parents and friends coming and staying with us until New Years. Everybody is hoping they are going to be around when the babies arrive, but just in case those babies decide to stick it out in their current quarters for a little longer, we have another plan. We have made a list of all of the little (and not so little) jobs that we would like to work on while everybody is here. As the jobs get completed we will provide a status update on the blog as well as accompanying photos.

1. Breakfast Nook: As many of you will recall I built a breakfast nook over the summer. And as many of you will also recall, I said that I am not so hot at the details of finishing a project. Here is what needs to happen with the nook in order for it to be complete (rework the benches so they open and close easier, painting, sealing)

2. The door going out into the garage isn't hanging correctly, and it is getting progressively worse by the day, so we need to rehang the hinges and possibly readjust the lock set.

3. Move the gate latch down about 2 inches so that it opens and closes easier, also install something to make it easier to open from inside the yard, without having to reach over the gate.

4. Patio Addition - this is the big dream project that would really get Grandpa Jack's juices flowing. Since we are going to be adding a couple of additional bodies in the house, we (okay, I) feel it is important to have a little additional space outside to live.

5. Bed planting/planning - my dad has a degree in botany and a love of plants, and so I will be turning to him on this one. We have a bed out front that I tried to grow tomatoes in this summer, but despite my best efforts and large amounts of water, the 68 days over 100 degrees acted as a worth adversary and killed my every effort.

6. Nursery completion: now that I have finished painting the nursery all we are waiting on is the cribs (which are coming from my sister's twins), and various other furniture and baby stuff to be loaded and organized in the room. I think this is a job well suited for the female persuasion.

7. Picture Hanging: If there is one thing that Sarah and I can consistently disagree about it is how, where, and at what angle to hang pictures. This is a task where Sarah needs other women to provide advice, and then just agree with Sarah. The only involvement men should have in this process involves nails and hammers.

8. Garage - reorganizing the garage is always needed.


Miriam said...

Now that is a list of projects - hope you make a dent in them with all the help coming into town.

The Hays Family said...

Looks like you and your dad have alot to do while I play golf! Looking forward to the visit.