Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Halloween Fun

This Halloween is the first time that Sawyer actually had an understanding of what he was suppose to do. He caught on faster then I expected, after the first house Sawyer knew exactly what he needed to do and was jumping out of the wagon and running up to the house with Cousin Amelia.

Sawyer went as a train engineer (much like his old man at that age), however he didn't really like wearing any of the engineer things so he just looked like a kid in striped overalls.

Sawyer helping before the party.

The finished product.

This is the trail mix type thing that Sarah was making, but it was so sticky and we didn't have parchment paper, and this is what happens.

Sawyer's Trick or Treating buddy was Cousin Amelia, she did a great job being a guide and they had an absolute blast.

Sawyer in the candy mobile.

Glow sticks were a big hit.

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Miriam said...

So cute! Love the owl cookies!