Thursday, December 17, 2009

Where has my little boy gone?

Since bring home Jack and Finn from the hospital, I have come to a very sad realization. Our little boy, Sawyer, isn't so little. I know that he is still less then 2 years old, but he has definitely moved into a new phase of his life. After just a week he has gotten much heavier to pick up (without actually adding any weight), his skin isn't as soft as I remember it being, and he is so much more assertive when he doesn't get what he wants. He also understands so much more and still finds ways to remind us of this fact. We are now fully into the spelling things out phase of parenthood, because mentioning certain words can incite a full on tantrum (i.e. juice, chip, trains, trucks). He is still our little boy, but I can now see that he isn't always going to be little. I am sure this is something every parent experiences, but it has just hit home much harder since we have introduced Jack and Finn.

Sawyer: Day One

Sawyer: On his way to two years old.

Jack and Finn (don't they look like somebody else----see above)

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