Thursday, December 10, 2009

Last Night before

Well this blog post was in draft form from Wednesday night, and I was planning to attach a picture and then send it out. (Jack and Finn had other plans and here we are now in the hospital sending out old blog posts)

In just under 12 hours we are going to be adding two additional members to Familia Baker. We are very excited to finally meet these two little bundles of joy. I am also confident Sarah is more than ready to have this whole pregnancy thing done and over with. We have been blessed by God to have such a low key pregnancy. I am exceedingly proud of her, she has worked really hard to do everything possible to carry these twins to term…and as of last week she accomplished this goal. On top of that, she has worked right up until this week and therefore is going to be able to stay home with the twins until after Spring Break. When we went in for our first appointment with the “at-risk” nurse, the nurse indicated that by about 32 weeks Sarah would be so uncomfortable that she would be relegated to bed rest until the twins arrived. Sarah didn’t like being told that and, in my opinion, set out to prove the nurse wrong. She did. She worked full weeks just like she always did.

We are also lucky to have family and friends who have been around the last couple of weeks and through December helping us prepare for the impending arrival. We have been able to finish the nesting required to welcome the twins (tomorrow they will have names-can’t wait to stop calling them “The Twins”). The nursery and the rest of the house is ready. We have been blessed to have such generous friends who are willing to share much of that baby stuff people normally have to buy. Nothing matches in the house, but hey, we didn’t have to pay for nearly anything. Special thanks to Stef, for organizing the “Care Network” (Calendar ID: 28504 Security Code: 2777), this is going to be such a huge help in the next couple of months.

Here is the last picture of how pregnant Sarah really was…..enjoy.

Be sure to follow the updates tomorrow on Twitter and Facebook. We appreciate all of the well wishes and prayers.

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