Thursday, July 1, 2010

Lunch - Grant's Farm Again - Little League

Wednesday was a very busy day for everybody. After our typically relaxed start, we got out the door for lunch at a local deli. Our waitress was very nice, and since she was a mother of twins we did the typical twin story swapping, including her going to the back to get pictures of her twins who were now in high school. I can’t speak to everybody’s experience with twins, but this kind of thing happens all the time, and it is really one of the perks of having twins----you get to meet such interesting new people all the time.

Following lunch, the girls, and kids headed off to Grant’s Farm, this time before 3:30, to ride the tram and see the animals. By all accounts they had a wonderful, if not exhausting time.

By the time they got home, we had just enough time to repack the stroller and change clothes before heading out for a Little League game.

I have never been great at baseball, and I expect that has more to do with my ADD then anything else. Unless you are the pitcher or catcher, there really isn’t much going on most of the time. It is 90% standing around, mixed with 5% action and another 5% chasing overthrown balls around the field. It may just be me, but I am amazed that so many kids enjoy playing baseball, but maybe a sport that involves mostly standing around is America’s game for this reason.

While Mrs. B fed the Twin-kies dinner in the stroller, I tried to keep the Boy entertained. After walking all the way around the field, we stumbled upon giant piles of dirt to climb around on and get dirty. Mission accomplished, although we ended up leaving about 30 minutes later, thanks to those dirt piles we could have stayed another hour without a problem.

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