Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Grants Farm....almost and some custard

Took it easy this morning, and once the afternoon rolled around we eventually got out of the house and ventured over to Grant's Farm. It is possible I had already been to Grant's farm before, but that was as a whippersnapper. The only thing that I remember was that the Budweiser Clydesdales live on Grant's farm. I was also informed that you get free beer when you ride the tram at Grant's Farm.....this place doesn't sound that bad at all. In the rush....wink, wink....to get out the house, we forgot to check what time the place actually closed, which ended up being about 15 minutes before we arrived.....no free beer today. We packed everything back into the car and headed off to dinner. After a wonderful dinner of Dewey's Pizza and Salads, we headed out for a St. Louis tradition, frozen custard. Instead of the World renown Ted Drews Frozen Custard, we tried the not quite as famous, but equally as tasty Spanky's (got to love that name....how is this place not more popular with a name like that).
The Boy, who really isn't into sweets, gave my concrete a shot, but after a few bites, went back to his favorite vacation activity.......throwing rocks
I went with the Strawberry Shortcake concrete and wasn't disappointed.
I have always loved St. Louis, there is just something about this city that seems old but full of tradition and potential at the same time. I have many fond memories, dating all the way back to childhood, that occur in and around St. Louis. St. Louis is also the birthplace of soccer in America, which I just consider as one more reason to love this city. One of the neatest things about St. Louis during the summer is all of the love for the Cardinals. It seems like everybody is wearing some kind of Cardinal gear, more then any other place that I have ever lived or visited. Unlike other cities, where you will often see gear repping other team (i.e. Yankees, Cubs, etc), people appear to only wear Cardinal gear. It is said that St. Louis is baseball's most knowledgable fan base, and I have never seen anything to prove otherwise. St. Louisians know what good baseball looks like, and they love their Cardinals.

Twin-kie #1 and I sitting around watching a boring goalless 0-0 draw between Japan and Paraguay......yawn. I love this game, but this almost got unbearable.

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