Saturday, August 9, 2008

The Good Shepherd

Psalm 23, verse 1 says: The LORD is my shepherd, I shall not be in want.

Looking up Shepherd in the dictionary, I found two definitions:
1. (noun) a person who protects, guides, or watches over a person or group of people and 2. (verb) to watch over carefully

Reading over the definitions gave me another perspective of the word Shepherd in Psalm 23. Three weeks ago a new journey began, that I'm not even quite sure where it will end, but I know that the Lord, my Shepherd, is watching over me and our family during this journey.

After returning from our family road trip, I was called in for interviews at a few schools in the Round Rock ISD to serve as an assistant principal. I wasn't quite sure if this was where I needed or should be for the coming school year, but I knew there would be no part-time positions at Cactus Ranch or any other elementary school. Staying home is not an option at this time, as the cost of benefits for a family with Austin ISD (Minor's employer) would put us "in the hole" each month.

So, when I was offered a position at Canyon Creek Elementary, I accepted. One of the greatest gifts from this opportunity is that the school is only a short five minute drive from our home! This left us in a bit of a scramble to find quality childcare for Sawyer on this part of town, as we had a place for him near Cactus Ranch. But, wouldn't you know that Good Shepherd Lutheran ECC (Early Childhood Center) (another short ten minute drive from our home!) had an opening in their nursery for the coming school year.

It seemed to me that the Lord was guiding us through His plan and all we had to do was listen to His voice.

The first two weeks of the new position allowed me to move out of my classroom at Cactus Ranch and to set up my office at Canyon Creek, as well as attend a few district leadership meetings. Minor didn't have to return to his school until last Monday, so Sawyer enjoyed some "daddy daycare" while I began to transition to my new position.

Then, this past Monday was Minor's first day back, so Sawyer went to Good Shepherd ECC for the first time. It was a tough morning for me, as were the next couple of mornings. However, Sawyer's been doing great: taking his naps, drinking his typical eight oz. at a feeding, and enjoying his three new playmates.

I have begun to feel more at peace about being away from Sawyer and know that for this moment in our lives, this is what is best for our family. (There are still difficult moments for me...moments of guilt, moments of wondering, and moments of questioning.) Through it all though, I know the Lord is watching over us and guiding us through this next journey.

Our journey with Sawyer continues to bring joy and happiness to our lives! Here's two pics of our little "comet"! (Canyon Creek's mascot is the comet...isn't that interseting?!)

Sawyer's always happy...unless he's hungry, then you better get that bottle and fast!

He loves to sit up and grab for his toys to put them in his mouth, especially since he's cutting all four of his top teeth this week!

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