Tuesday, August 26, 2008

School Boys

Minor and I have both had our "first" days with kiddos at our elementary schools. So, it's official- summer is over! I've been a bit in denial about this fact, even though we've been back for staff development for a few weeks now.

All in all, everything has been going very well for us. We continue to perfect our morning and evening routines with Sawyer. Our only real challenges is getting dinner on the table by six and finding time to exercise. (I still have a few more pounds to lose from pregnancy.) We're still working on systems that will make these things happen.

Sawyer has been doing so well at his school. He's excited to see Ms. Ruth in the morning when I drop him off and all smiles when I pick him up. I really feel blessed that we've found such a great school for him.

A favorite part of our new evening routine has been family play time before dinner. I just love these moments with Sawyer and Minor. Here are a few shots from yesterday's play session with my boys. Sawyer's such a "play baby" and just loves to be silly! I wonder where this came from?!

That's just silly, daddy!

I'll get you this time, daddy!

I got you!

During our play time this week, Sawyer has begun wanting to stand up more and more. He really would rather stand up at times, holding on to something, than play with toys on the floor. He can't quite pull himself up from a sitting position to standing, but he's been working on it. This week he's taken to standing by the couch, with only one hand. He's so impressed with himself when he does this! Minor and I have placed bets to when this standing up skill will lead to walking.

Speaking of my hubby, where are those weekly posts?! Perhaps, he's been a bit preoccupied scheming ways to purchase an iPhone!

“The person who can bring the spirit of laughter into a room is indeed blessed.” -Bennett Cerf


Miriam said...

Cute cute photos! At least someone is keeping us all updated! : ) Sawyer is getting so handsome!

Lisa HerrNeckar said...

Love the pictures! Sawyer is adorable. Keep up the good work and good luck at your new school.