Thursday, September 11, 2008

The Sawyer Bounce

We were able to figure out how to use our camera with our Mac to get a video uploaded to our blog. It was really quite easy with our Mac, so this will be the first of many more to come!

Sawyer has always loved his exersaucer. Recently this is favorite thing to do, with daddy's encouragement, of course, in the exersaucer.


Tomorrow is a half-day due to the incoming hurricane. Who knew there were hurricane days? I'm use to snow days!


Sarah said...

Love all the posts this week! Can't wait to see him in person tomorrow!

MacKenzie said...

Oh man Sawyer looks so cute! The "sawyer bounce!" I love it! Sarah, I totally feel the way you do! I am awful at taking video! Its always blurry and I don't know whats going on half the time! But at least we get it on video!

BTW I love uploading video with our Mac as well! It is super easy!

Can't wait to see you all tomorrow!

Nikolas, Emily, & Co. said...

Seriously, Sawyer is extremely cute!! Love all the pictures you've been posting of him. He weighs about 1 lb. less than Nathanael did at his 15 month check-up. :)

Alycia said...

So cute you guys! He's such a happy little boy! :)

bakersinspringfield said...

I think that boy has my bounce. It is a gift. Love watching the movie....