Monday, September 8, 2008

ToothFULL Wonder

Sawyer's seventh tooth has cut through! Two weeks ago, when I picked him up from school, I noticed he had a runny nose. So, I wondered if he could be cutting another tooth. He has gotten a runny nose each time a tooth has cut through.

A few days later, tooth number seven could be seen and felt on the bottom. We have been fortunate that the only time he's had a fever was when he cut his first tooth in June. It'll be interesting to see when another tooth will pop up. Sawyer's been enjoying using his teeth to eat more and more finger foods, especially Cheerios. The boy would eat only Cheerios, if we let him.

Look at all those teeth. His top four teeth all cut through at the same time. I just love his laugh! He has quite the sense of humor, just like his daddy!

He's trying more and more to pull himself up on various toys or furniture around the house. One of his favorite spots at school is to pull himself up to the window ledge (the window ledges are lower than the average window) and look out the window to watch the "big" kids play on the playground.

All this trying to be mobile can be pretty frustrating at times though for Sawyer. Here he is showing some of that frustration!

And then a few seconds later, we're happy playing peek-a-boo over the couch, one of his favorite games right now.

As I post these pictures, I'm realizing how dirty he gets sometimes, already. He's also not a fan of having his nose wiped or face washed. He cries as if he's being tortured. He has almost perfected the art of avoiding the Kleenex by moving his head or using his hands to push it away. Quite amazing how quickly they learn these tricks!

“Frustration, although quite painful at times, is a very positive and essential part of success.” -Bo Bennett

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bakersinspringfield said...

The boy needs some steak. How is life?