Friday, January 29, 2010

Beer and Chili

On Friday night we got together with a group of friends who we have dinner with about once a month. The group is comprised of people with kids of all ages, from our infants all the way through the Drakes daughters who are both in college. I don't think that we have missed one of these dinners in the last 3 years because the company is outstanding the food delightful. Typically the Drakes act as gracious hosts, and the rest of us bring a dish or two to share.

Tonight the theme was beer, Kelly is the homebrew king, and chili. Kelly is always looking for taste testers for the latest evolution of hoppy goodness. I am more then happy to be the test dummy. (Sorry the image quality isn't up to our normal standard, but I forgot the camera at home, and was forced to use my Iphone instead.)

As always the beer was excellent and the chili was perfect for the freezing (35 degrees) night.

The twins got lots of extra attention from Jen and Annie, which was greatly appreciated by Mrs. B and myself.

We have been doing these dinners since before the boy was born, and it has been fun to see now that he is older how much he really enjoys playing with the adopted cousins, especially his close buddy "the Diva" (aka Amelia)

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