Thursday, January 7, 2010


In the last couple of nights we have had fairly good luck with Jack and Finn sleeping for sizable chunks of time (3-4hrs). Sawyer started sleeping through the night at about six weeks, so here is to hoping the twins get there soon. Mrs. B has been getting up with them during the work week, but on the weekend, we are working together. In the wee hours of the weekend, I have had time to formulate my new theory on getting a baby, let alone two of them to sleep through the night.

Having one baby is initially very difficult, but you eventually get that kid to sleep through the night. With two adults on duty it is actually pretty easy to get a solid chunk of sleep from time to time. If you will excuse the basketball reference, it is kind of like being a #1 or #2 seed in the NCAA tourney. There is enough talent that you can pretty much handle anything that is thrown at you and come out on the other side fairly well rested. You may have bad night personally, but there is always another all-star ready to step in and share the load. Having twins is a completely different story, you are no longer the favorite to win night in and night out. Heading into our nightly routine, I have the feeling that we are more like the #16 or #15 seed. We can go out and hit all our shots and still not get much sleep. In order for my team to win (solid chunk of sleep), we need to have our best game and a hefty amount of luck, and even when that happens you most likely still aren't going to "win". I think this is made harder by the fact that we have been successful in the past.

I know that very soon the twins are going to grow out of this phase and start sleeping larger chunks of time, but at this time of no sleep, I can't seem to focus on when that will start happening. Thankfully, I have the most awesome friend and partner to share the load (or more accurately, I help her share the load, because she does so much).

We see lots of this at about 3am....cute, as long as you can keep your eyes open.

Sometimes we get this......

Here is how Sawyer feels about missing out on sleep

Special thank you to Carrie for the really awesome hats for the boys.

Sawyer with his awesome red hat to match Jack and Finn


natalie said...

They are so beautiful! And will be sleeping through the night in no time at all!! I can feel it. :) I also didn't know ya'll had a blog!!!

Minor said...

I am wondering which Natalie this is....and do they also blog

bakersinspringfield said...

Truly you should submit this story to a parent magazine. Great analogy. I think other dads would love it.