Thursday, January 14, 2010

Who is going to dress me?

Woke up wait, lets start over.

Struggled out of bed this morning and discovered that I should have already been leaving for work. In between the 1am feeding, the 4am feeding, and Sawyer waking up at 5:30am and screaming for "Dada" like somebody had lit his polyester pajamas with feet on fire, the alarm got turned off. I am not a morning person to start with, but I am REALLY not a morning person when I am running late. I shot out of bed and showered, deodorized and dressed in record time. I made an english muffin and bowl of cereal to consume on the drive to work and rushed out the door. I was lucky to remember to grab my lunch, unfortunately I didn't realize that I had forgotten the coffee I was bring for everybody in the office, until I was about to get on the toll-road. Showing up without coffee on a morning like this wasn't an option, so I turned around and returned home to grab it, thereby making me even later.

The day unfolded in a fairly typical fashion, with the usual frustrations as well as moments of levity. It wasn't until I was using the restroom after lunch that I noticed something strange. Looking down at my pants, I noticed the tag on my boxers was on the front. "That is strange" - I thought, and when I looked closer, I realized having the tag at the front of your boxers means that you are an idiot, and don't know how to put your clothes on properly. Apparently, I am so brain dead at the moment that I don't even know how to put on a pair of underwear properly, and even worse, I don't notice for over 6 hours that my skivvies are butt front. I would like to think that had I been wearing that thong that Mrs. B got me for Christmas, I would have been able to tell the difference....but at this point I am not sure that I could.


Anonymous said...

Well at least you were wearing underwear. One wonders how you could get so late in the day without noticing given all that coffee. An old Minnesotan is coming to Austin, checked the bakerblog and discovered three kids under two. You're a busy guy. Congrats and prayers. Wow!

Kelly said...

Jeff and I are laughing out loud at your comments...was waiting to see if you remembered pants at all. Those first few months are a blur and can't imgaine it with twins. Keep the laughs and reality coming...your audience is checking in and sending thoughts and prayers your way!
Kelly and Jeff

bakersinspringfield said...

Love the unfolding drama and comedy. Seriously, I'm glad you're writing this down because you will look back and laugh someday. Life with children--large or small--is always an adventure. And with you as their dad, it's really the only option.