Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Great Friends, Great Food

Having a child has its many perks,
1. You have a cute little face staring up at you at 3am with a look that says "What up, you look tired, why is that?"
2. You get peed on (hopefully your mouth is closed)
3. You lose and find all kinds of stuff (we are currently on the losing things side of this curve, but eventually you run out of stuff to lose and you start finding random things)
4. The more kids you have the more times you get asked, "so when you getting a minivan" (uh, NEVER)

but seriously

One great thing, at least in our experience, is that you get to see your friends because they bring over dinner. Sometimes they even stay and eat dinner with us. Our dear friend, Stefanie set up a "Care Network" for us. In other words, every other night, for the next month, somebody new is going to bring over a dinner for the family. We have already had a couple of wonderful dinners, and after last night, I decided to share each of the wonderful dinners we are getting. We have already had Chuy's take-out (mmmmmmmm-creamy jalapeno dressing and fish tacos), baked ziti (sorry no picture for this one, but trust me it was good),

and last night a pot roast with all of the fix'ins (potatoes, carrots, , green beans, peach cobbler, mini pecan pies, rolls, and chocolate dipped strawberry's).

Mrs. B and I are eternally grateful for our wonderful friends, because with no family living nearby, they really are our family in Austin. I can't wait to see who shows up tomorrow night to have dinner-the food they bring is also a nice addition.

update: tonight we had a wonderful italian dinner delivered.

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