Sunday, February 24, 2008

More Firsts

On Saturday morning, what was left of Sawyer's umbilical cord fell off, so he had his first bath in the tub. He seemed to enjoy his bath more than the sponge baths he had been receiving. Although, he's still not in love with the idea of being exposed!

Then, in the evening Minor and I headed to my school campus, so he could host the PTA's version of "Are You Smarter Than a Fifth Grader?" We decided this would also be a great opportunity to leave Sawyer with his first babysitter, Lindsay, since we didn't want to introduce Sawyer to all the joys of being at school, just yet. (There will be plenty of time for flu and strep in the future!) We enjoyed seeing many of our students and their families at the event. And Lindsay did great with Sawyer, so we're looking forward to calling on her again, so we can have date nights.

Today was just a relaxing day at home. We were all able to enjoy one of my favorite activities together, an afternoon nap! Then, this evening we kicked back with some pizza (thanks, Amie!) to watch the Oscars.

It's hard to believe that this week Sawyer will already be three weeks old. I'm starting to realize that the time really does go by fast, so we're appreciating the joys (and challenges) of each day.

Thanks again for everyone's love and support! Minor and I tell each other at least once a day how blessed we are to have friends and family like you in our lives. We love each of you!


Miriam said...

Yeah for new pictures! Very cute!!! We started out with the same infant tub. A friend sent us this bath pillow from - the girls seemed to like it better - were more in the water. Here's the web address if you're interested

bakersinspringfield said...

Love the photo of Sawyer in the blue sleeper. He is so cute and I cannot wait to hold him. It's wonderful to see the photos and hear that all is going well. We rejoice in your blessings.

Love, Mom Baker