Saturday, February 16, 2008

A Week of First's

We have now had a bunch of baby firsts.

1. First Birthday - Sawyer turned one week old on Thursday (Granted we didn't do anything special, besides enjoying our traditional heart shaped pizza from Mangia to celebrate Valentine's Day. Just being one week old is pretty special.)

2. First Smile - I believe this happened on Thursday (I don't know that we can really count this as an actual smile, because I think it was more of a face contortion to facilitate gaseous release, but what the heck, this early on you take what you can get.)

3. First Visit to the Doctor - We made our first official visit to Dr. Hughes office on Tuesday. We were way early (that can be considered a first for Sarah) and once we got it in Sawyer passed all of the little checks and probes with flying colors. Dr. Hughes said that he had never seen a baby with such a low level of jaundice.

(side-note on the jaundice: I am now starting to believe that Doctors and Nurses are trained to pick out one thing about your baby and tell you that they have never seen another baby doing so well in that category - for us it was the Jaundice thing, for others it is the size of the baby, and so on and so forth. I mean really, how often have your heard about a doctor telling new parents, "Little John is doing just great. He is in the 37th percentile for his size, thats okay, but it could be worse you could have one of those 24th percentile babies." That just doesn't happen, in fact I don't think they tell you unless your kid is above 90%. Below I have compiled a list of possible things your doctor could tell you that makes your baby unique that you may not want to hear.)

-"Your child has the most back hair of any child I have ever seen!"
-"Your child has the worst breath of any kid I have ever seen!"
-"That is the biggest Smurf I have ever seen!"
-"The last time that I saw that many nipples, I was at the Wisconsin State dairy barn!"
-"I don't believe I have ever seen a mustache look so good on a little baby girl!"
-"You baby girl looks like a cross between Amy Winehouse and Britney Spears, if the father was Tom Cruise!"

So that has been a brief summary of our week. We also wanted to thank everybody for all the prayers, calls, and visits to wish us well. We have really felt loved and grateful to have such a wonderful group of friends and family to support us.

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