Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Oh, Poop!

Everyone tells you that babies poop often. They say you'll be changing diapers all the time and if you have a boy that you stand a good chance to get wet, too. Minor has experienced quite a few of those wet moments with Sawyer and until yesterday I thought Sawyer was always saving these moments for his daddy.

Sawyer and I headed to our photographer's studio, Mary Barnett for his newborn photo session. Minor would be catching up with us after he wrapped up things at his school, so when we got there, Mary went ahead and started the session with some solo shots of Sawyer.

We decided to move along to some pics of just the two of us, before Minor arrived, and these would be those adorable baby nude shots. Mary mentioned, as she positioned us, that frequently the babies may pee, but not to worry, she was prepared! Click, click of the camera and then, Sawyer began to add his own noises to the session. Um, Mary..this feels more than wet! She quickly grabbed wipes and a diaper. Minor walks into the studio as we're getting all cleaned-up. We were ready to finish those momma and Sawyer shots, now that everyone is clean, again. Off comes the diaper, a few flashes later, um Mary, where are those wipes??! Of course, Minor thought this whole scene was great fun. Mary helps us clean-up again and mentions that she's never had a baby poop before.

Why does this not surprise us? Perhaps this is only a taste of what is to come in the future with our son. I'm sure Minor could create a list of possible statements we may hear from Sawyer's teachers, friends, etc. as he grows up. The rest of the photo session went on without any other bathroom incidents, which I'm sure Mary was thankful for! Even with the poop, Minor and I had a great time at the photo session with Sawyer. Thanks so much, Mary! We're looking forward to seeing the proofs next weekend.

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