Monday, January 28, 2008

Just Waiting

We enjoyed another weekend together and are just waiting for little Comet to make his/her entrance. We worked on a few projects around the house and my "honey-do" list has just a few more items I'd love for Minor to help us cross off before Comet's arrival. I guess it's that nesting thing many of the books mention. He's been such a help the last couple of weeks, helping grocery shop and cooking some great recipes from Cooks Illustrated for us.

The question we usually get after telling people that we didn't find out the gender of the baby is what did you do for the nursery? There were actually lots of options, but it was easy for us to decide or rather me to decide on a theme: farm. Both our grandparents had farms, so we have many childhood memories from spending time on their farms, as well as the language development that will come from the "farm theme" goes oh, so well with our educational background. We just need to reach a decision on what type of pictures to hang on the walls. This may take awhile, since we both have some ideas on what we'd like to hang up. Minor did the refinishing of the old school chalkboard for the wall. It's never to early to be reading and writing, right?! He just needs to hang it on the wall.

Perhaps our next post will be photos of our little Comet! I guess we'll just have to keep waiting to find out!

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Miriam said...

Love the pictures of the room! Can't believe you guys are so close to have a three-person family!!! I keep checking your blog just in case you post something before I hear something. Hope you're feeling okay and getting some sleep! Looking forward to the big announcement if I have a niece or a nephew.