Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Wash my Back

Still no baby, but man are those cankles lookin nice. It has been a wonderful day here in Austin, TX. First thing this morning upon starting my computer, I discovered Austin was going to be getting a professional futbol (soccer) team starting in 2009. The Austin Aztex (aren't we doing away with all of Native American themed names, but maybe that was only Native American groups originally located in the US. I do like the prospective team colors) will be playing in the USL 1, which also happens to be the same league as the Minnesota Thunder. I am willing to wager a team scarf we get the win when we play the Thunder for the first time, any takers?

Then when I got home, I got this video from Sarah E. This video features Concordia students and, to the best of my knowledge, was shot at hot spots around campus. I don't know what I liked more, the dancing in the shower in the men's locker room (I won't even tell you what kind of nastyness happened in that shower) or the Lutheran lookin ladyz getting their groove on as back-up dancers. I can tell you, with near certainty, that those girls were not residents of Wollaeger Hall (not heavy enough), my guess is Luther Hall girls (if you ever been to Luther Hall you know what I am talking about)

I am sure this is endorsed by the LCMS. I will be looking for it in the next hymn book.

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Sarah said...

for the record... i was a luther girl.