Monday, January 21, 2008

Packed and Ready

We just enjoyed a three day weekend, due to the MLK holiday. It was a wonderful weekend that gave us the opportunity to finish our last minute preparations for Comet's arrival. We put the car seat in the car, ordered our stroller (it will arrive later this week), and my hospital bags are packed.

We also took time to go to a movie and attended the first gathering of our supper club. We kept wondering during the weekend if this was the last weekend it will be just the two of us or if we will have another weekend or two before Comet decides to make his/her entrance! We're ready, as ready as you can be, I guess. We're just waiting now to see how this next adventure will begin for us. It's sure to be amazing!

(One of my dear girlfriends found this fun question mark shirt for me to wear! It's been so fun not knowing what we're having and has only added to the excitement! The pic was taken a few weeks ago.)


Sarah said...

Hi Sarah! I was wondering if Comet had decided to come! Connor's still hanging out too! He's up to 7lbs. Can't wait to see them both! Good Luck!

Miriam said...

Love the shirt!! You are looking great - I can't believe the big day is almost here!

Pamela said...

Your are so beautiful! I can't wait for the big day!

It's fun not to know. With my first, I didn't know and SWORE it was a girl, along with everyone else. Even the labor nurse said, "Go push that girl out!" I will never forget the doctor saying, "It's a boy!" I was lying flat on my back and sat straight up, "A boy!?" That was 19 years and 3 BOYS ago!

Keep us posted!


J, C, K, & S said...

Sarah you look beautiful! This is such an exciting time. Can't wait to hear the news! Good luck!!
Jen Griffin Vosburg

Alycia said...

Sarah - you look adorable (of course)!!!

Waiting to hear the exciting news!