Thursday, January 10, 2008

Tons and Tons of Baby Related Classes

I did not realize that you had to attend all of these baby related classes leading up to the "big event". Lets see in the last week we have attended a birthing class (six hours) with another class on Saturday (another 6 hours). We also have a breast-feeding class next week (2.5 hours). We also did a pediatrician meet and great, which seemed like a high school dance with all of the yet to be socially developed freshmen (all of the future parents) trying to get a dance with the cool seniors (1 of 4 pediatricians at the meet and great). As luck will have it everybody seemed to desire a dance with one really cool senior, this was also the very pediatrician recommended by our doctor. Just like most of my high school dance experiences, the really cool doctor was already spoken for (not excepting new patients) but she did leave us with a glimmer of hope saying that she didn't really know if she was taking new patients, and we would have to talk to her friend, who would eventually be the one that would turn us down gently but firmly. No worries, I am sure we can scrounge up a wonderful doctor, because the last time I got a look at the "cool kids" from high school, they were still living at home and delivering papers for a little extra money.

The weekend is nearly here, and it can't come soon enough. I need me some futbol and football to get over all of these scintillating baby related classes.

Go Cottagers


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bakersinspringfield said...

Pay attention. All the fun and games go away when the birth pain begins. My wife almost replaced me.... serious.