Sunday, September 6, 2009

Backyard revival

As a number of you can attest, our backyard would be best suited for Feed the Children advertisement. I can promise we, I mean, I will be undertaking the task of making it a place people will be safe dog poop, weeds, or wild animals feeding on the compost pile.

With the help of good friends, we have the phase one up and already in use. Last weekend I helped a friend move a play-scape they had bought on Craigslist to their house. It was actually a little more involved then that (we had to take the thing apart to even move it out of the other backyard) but it only took us the morning to move it.

Now that the Solan's have a bigger and better play-scape, they were kind enough to give us their small one. Sawyer loved it right away, and has been using it almost everyday. Thank you Solan's.

Still loves that lawnmower...Sawyer can spend an hour just pushing that around the yard (aka Feed the Children backdrop)

Sawyerland in all of its glory...we aren't so sure about the swings, but we love everything else.

For some reason Sawyer prefers to go down the slide on his stomach (that is on all slides, not just this one)


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