Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Sawyer and Friends

This is what happens when you let me dress Sawyer. I honestly thought that the outfit looked good, but I was quickly corrected.

Sawyer went out for some Mexican food with his good friend Lilly. They were kind enough to bring their parents along. The funny thing is that even at this age they know each other by name. When we ask Sawyer if he wants to go see Lilly he always says "Yaaa" and sometimes will try and and say Lilly which sounds more like LLLLLLLaaaaAA

"Look over there"

Going in for the sweetness

"MMMMMMM, I don't know about all this kissing"

Just a couple of troublemakers looking for something to get into.

Pretty Girl

I like this shot of Lilly.

Boys and their trucks

The new cigarette inspired Oreo cookie treat.

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