Saturday, September 19, 2009

Multiple Mess

Last Friday Sarah, Sawyer and I went out for a lovely evening on the town. We went for dinner at Hyde Park. Sawyer was great as usual, he seems to enjoy eating way to much to be a stinker. Following this delightful dinner, we made our way to south Austin, to the AMOM (Austin Mom's of Multiples) semi-annual garage sale. Here are my thoughts on the experience.

1. When holding a massive sale that requires a gym in order to contain all of the stuff, make sure that you have it at a location with more then 25 parking spaces, or at least neighborhood street parking. We wandered around for 20 minutes trying to find a place to park, and eventually settled on illegally parking in an apartment complex nearby.

2. When having an massive sale, where you know a couple hundred people are going to be attending, try and have more then 2 people at the checkout. The line to check out wrapped around the room. Some couples upon arriving just sent the husband to stand in line, in order to check out an hour later.

3. If you didn't want your crap, there will always be somebody who would be willing to store it in their house. I am all for resale, Craigslist, and ebay, but some of the items I saw at this sale was complete and utter crap (which I am sure somebody put into their cart and then promptly waited in line for and hour and a half, just to take home and store in their garage, only to be sold at future garage sales.)

4. WARNING: If you are a parent of multiples this may offend you, or just confirm what you already have suspected. These people are weird. Maybe it is just the group in Austin, but these people act like they are in a little cult. I am sure there are quite a few normal parents of multiples, but at this "Garage Sale", if you weren't flying your freak flag you were the weird ones.

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rachel vallejo said...

I need examples of said "freak flags"