Sunday, September 20, 2009

My New Work Home

I started this school year by taking a new job in Round Rock Independent Schools in the position of Academic Dean at Bluebonnet Elementary. I know what you are thinking, "WOW" that sounds really important, but the reality is something a little less lustrous. As the Academic Dean, I am essentially the campus administrator (i.e. principal, asst. principal) responsible for working on instructional improvement. I have thoroughly enjoyed my new position because it has me working with teachers and students more and doing mindless paperwork less. I have been blessed to work with a wonderful group of teachers and an awesome leadership team.

Yolanda runs the office (and school) and is the person who gets things done.

Margo is the assistant principal at Bluebonnet. Let me tell you a little about my good friend Margo. First, she is going to kill me for putting this picture up. Second, when we moved to Austin 7 years ago, Margo was Sarah's mentor teacher during her time at Berkman. Margo inspires me and I love working with her.

Lucy is the principal. She is a true professional and I am constantly learning things from her. She is a huge Georgia Bulldog fan and she has a dog named Peaches she has taught to read.

I am so excited about this school year, and look forward to going to work everyday.

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