Sunday, September 6, 2009

Storm + Dog = Balance

From Dog

We haven't had many rain storms down here in Austin in like.....oh.....forever, but when we do the dog has discovered a new safe-place. The psychology of Sabine is very interesting, I often wonder what Cesar aka "the dog whisperer" would say about our very eccentric girl. I expect it would go something like this "there are 2 ends of a leash, and we are going to spend quite a lot of time training one end (that would be the end that doesn't poop in the yard and steal cookies from babies".

With two more babies on the way, Sarah has taken it upon herself to get Sabine whipped into shape. And by that, I mean breaking all of the old habits Sarah originally allowed her to start. Here are a few examples:

Sabine as slept at the end of our bed since the first night we brought her home. That first night when the cute little puppy was crying in the middle of the night, Sarah said, "Lets just bring her into bed, it will be fine." Me, being the voice of reason, stated "Just let her cry", well, as any husband smart enough to know that you just do as your are told at 3am will attest, the dog got into bed with us, and went right to sleep. The rest is history.

Fast forward to when Sarah is gestating not one baby, but two, and suddenly that dog causes more bedtime unhappiness then jalapeno sausage roll right before bed. So now the dog has taken to sleeping in her "chair" until Sarah is asleep and then promptly jumps up in bed. It is really funny to watch, because the dog will just sit in the chair and watch Sarah until she is sure that Sarah is completely out and then hop up and assume her usual spot.

We, and by "we" I mean Sarah, are waging similar wars on the couch, nursery chair, and at dinner time. I am not going to hedge my bets yet, but Sabine is going to prove a very stubborn adversary for Sarah, who is equally stubborn.

From Dog

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