Monday, June 28, 2010

Date Night #1

Since the twins were born, Mrs. B and I haven’t had much of a chance to go out for a date. We have been able to catch a dinner or a doctor’s appointment without kids, but that is only due to the kindness of a couple of dear friends or Mrs. B’s coworkers. One of the things we put on our schedule as soon as we started planning this trip, was having the grandparents take the kids so we could go out for a date. Since we were in the Twin Cities for 11 days, we decided to take that date in the middle of the trip. The inlaws agreed to take all three boys for 24 hours. Heading into the “Date” we only had a couple of things we wanted to do besides just spend time together without constantly attending to “the Boy” and Twin-kies. We wanted to go and see a show at the Guthrie, which we hadn’t been to since left, and Mrs. B wanted to spend a little time at the spa. We were able to accomplish both of those goals and then some.

We stayed at the Grand Hotel in downtown Minneapolis, it isn’t often that we stay at such a nice hotel, but when you haven’t had a night off in over 7 months, you figure why not. It was within walking distance of the Guthrie and anything else that we wanted to do. On of the luxuries of staying at The Grand was being able to take a bath and watch the World Cup, because the TV was actually mounted in the bath, just like at home. I enjoyed drinking my morning coffee and reading the paper uninterrupted for over an hour.

We took in the Guthrie production of “The Dollhouse” and really enjoyed the entire experience. It isn’t exactly your prototypical date show, but it was perfect for us, because we had lots to talk about once the show was over.

Date #2 comes once we get back to my parents house. It won’t be quite as long since we are choosing to do a group date with my sis and her hubby. My parents are good, but watching 6 kids under the age of 4 seemed like a daunting task and so we were able to negotiate a day away. Looking forward to that date as well.

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