Sunday, June 20, 2010

Day 5 - A Day Late

Got up pretty early on Saturday morning to do one of my favorite Saturday morning rituals in the Twin Cities, shopping at the farmers market. I am more familiar with the St. Paul Market, but the inlaws live closer to the Minneapolis market, so I figured I would give it a shot. There is just something very refreshing about getting up early, to walk around the market while enjoying coffee and mini d0nuts. For some reason it reminds me of getting up early with my Grandpa to go fishing. People watching is my favorite market activity, and there were plenty of people to watch.
The food choices at a farmers market also provides an interesting window into the local culture. At the Austin market, you can't go 5 feet without running into somebody eating a breakfast taco, well lets be honest, you can't go 5 feet any morning without running into somebody eating a breakfast taco. At the Minneapolis market there was a whole station selling bratwurts with all the fixin's, a place where you could get mini-donuts, and this place with their giant cinnamon rolls and sticky buns. (The guy behind the counter kept yelling "Who wants to taste my giant sticky buns!") The picture really doesn't do it justice, but just as a point of reference, those are full size plate, not little dessert plates.
The Minneapolis Market is renowned for its flower section, it is where the flowers for our wedding arrangements came from. I wanted to get a nice selection of flowers to sit on the table for the week, but I ended up spending all my money on produce.
In the back half of the day, we participated in a very special event. My college roommate became an ordained minister of the word of God. Congratulations to Pastor Matt Maas this was a very special day, and we were just thankful we were able to be there to participate. It was also nice to hang around with friends and talk over a cup of coffee.

This is me showing off my "Pastor Punk Rock" look. Check out that fancy collar.

This is me administering my Kung-Fu blessing.
Great shot of the hired help for the event yesterday.
I figured out yesterday during the service, I have know "my brother" for half of my life. We look about the same as when we started at CSP, if not a little fatter---but I would also say happier.

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