Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Fun at the Springfield Zoo

Yesterday we spent some time at Dickerson Park Zoo in Springfield. It is an intimate and cute little zoo with a few highlights. The weather was hot and humid, so most of the animals were just laying around, but the boy did enjoy seeing fish, peacocks, and and lions (which he roared at more then a couple of times.) Unfortunately we forgot the camera on the car, so I used my Iphone to take a couple of pictures with the Hipstomatic photo app.

The Boy with the cousins, Mina and Addie. From the moment we left the house, the Boy asked "going to see Addie Mina?" about 50 times. Now that we are here they are just non-stop adventure. Addie and the Boy are both very much the troublemakers and will require continued close supervision as they get older.

There was a little petting zoo area where the kids could feed the goats and other animals. This provided our first little spell of drama, when Addie was holding her food pellets a little low, and the greedy little geese thought she was offering them a bite to eat. She wasn't, and so when the goose went after the food she was surprised and a little scared. This experience must have left an impression on her, because she was very concerned for the Boy's safely later in the visit.

In this shot, the cousins are hysterical with concern because the Boy is inside the protective barrier. We thought they were just being silly.....they weren't. The Boy is oblivious to all of the drama taking place behind him. Danger Boy wasn't that overly concerned he was going to get eaten by..............the zebras.

Twin-kie #2 hanging out with Dad in the shade.

Also at the zoo was a little water park, where water shoots out the ground in little bursts. The Boy thought it was so interesting that he got down to investigate where the water was coming from and promptly took one right in the face. Thankfully he thought it was hilarious.

By far the coolest part of the zoo was the giraffes. You don't just get to see the giraffes, but you actually get to feed them. I thought this was cool, the Boy thought this was cool, well pretty much everybody thought it was cool.
Look at the length of that tongue you had to keep an eye on your crackers because that tongue could snatch them away before you realized what happened.

The Boy showing me his best giraffe tongue.

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Melinda Arnold - Dickerson Park Zoo said...

Looks like your family had a wonderful time at the zoo! Thank you for the nice post about our park!