Thursday, June 24, 2010

Minnesota Jesus and roller coasters

One of The Boy's favorite activities when visiting Nana and Papa in MN is riding the roller coasters and other rides at MOA (Mall of America). The kid is a bit of a dare-devil when it comes to riding the crazy rides. Last time were were in MN he got a chance to ride a couple of the little kid rides, and we thought we would go ahead and do those again, but the Boy had other ideas. After warming up on the little rides, the Boy promptly pointed to the biggest roller coaster in the place and said that he wanted to go on that one with dada. Unfortunately he didn't meet the height requirement to even ride it with an adult, but we were able to do the Log Run. Auntie E, Papa, myself and the Boy loaded up our log and off we went. The Boy insisted on standing up through the whole thing.....that is until we got to the final drop. When we went over the edge and he couldn't see the bottom he sat down pretty darn quick. As we pulled into the loading/unloading area, he turned around and said "more Dada." Interestingly enough, on the way home the Boy also told Mrs. B that he had seen Jesus when he was riding on the Log Ride. Any guesses who it was that he saw (hint: MN Jesus travels around with a Babe)? Find out who the Boy saw at the end of the post.

Heading down the final drop on the Log Run.

Dada and the Boy cruising on the Farm roller coaster.

The Twin-kies just hanging out waiting for big brother to get off the roller coaster.

The Boy must have inherited his ability to read and interpret maps from his great grandpa Jack. He could look at the map of the roller coasters and tell us which one he wanted to do next.

Paul Bunyan and Babe the Blue Ox - AKA - Minnesota Jesus according to the Boy.

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