Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Day 3 and we are already headed to the pharmacy.

Busy day today.

The morning started off with some rock throwing. The Boy could have done this until he needed rotator cuff surgery, but Daddy needed to go and get a decent cup of coffee so we limited it to just about 45 minutes. Needless to say, we still had a blast throwing in the "Big Rocks" and trying to splash each other. (note: notice the rock above his head in the first pic, guess we still need to work on release point)

Lunch was spent in downtown Springfield, where they have a fountain park where the kids can play in the water. The water was highly chlorinated and when I asked about that, I was told that when the park first opened the city didn't anticipate kids and families going to play in the water. Seriously, this is Missouri people, deep in the Ozarks, what they shouldn't have anticipated is that people would actually wear clothes, while playing in the fountains.

To wrap up our fun filled day, we took our first trip to the Urgent Care (I say first, because I will not be shocked if we visit and Urgent Care in each port of call). Just a couple of cases of pink eye and an ear infection later and we were off to the Wal-Mart pharmacy (I have lots of thoughts on this little segment of our trip, but I will sum it all up with this thought----Wouldn't Wal-Mart save some money if they didn't hire would have thought that I was trying to buy crack cocaine).

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