Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Quiet Day....Shopping Day

Day 2 in Missouri and we are starting to feel the relaxing powers of being on vacation. Couple more days and I would say we are well on our way to fully relaxed. The day was spent watching World Cup (for me), hanging out with cousins (the Boy), and shopping (Mrs. B). All in all it was a very low key day......and there ain't nuttin wrong with dat (as they say here in Missouri).

My mom also does a monthly gig at the local country music morning show where she does her best Dr. Phil impression and I figured that since I was in town, I should call in an get some advice about traveling. If you want to listen to the segment where I gave her a little grief, forward the clip to about the 6:30 point.

In the evenings, the Boy is heading off to VBS (or as Mina says....."VEEBUS") around 5:30, which is allowing the adults to sit around and have a quite dinner out on the patio. The three littlest kids (the Twin-kies and my sister youngest) all smile and generally try to look as cute as possible, and when there is any food spilled, you aways have a couple of shaggy dogs to clean up after you.

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