Monday, June 21, 2010

Day 7 - Father's Day

As I am sure you are well aware, Sunday was Father's Day. If you didn't remember that Sunday was Father's Day - that is because your life was never in mortal peril for forgetting, unlike Mother's Day. If you forget Mother's Day.....well lets hope that you haven't ever experience the repercussions of forgetting to celebrate your mother.

We celebrated Father's Day by going to the car show at the Minnesota Fair grounds. This was the father's day wish of Mrs. B's father, and he thought the Boy would enjoy seeing all of the cars. I think that the Boy could have cared less about the cars, but the fair food was a HUGE hit. Seriously, the kid couldn't get the fried food jammed into his mouth fast enough.

Since we are never able to make "The Great Minnesota Get-together" it was nice to be able to get a sampling of all of the wonderful fried food traditionally available.
Sawyer giving cheese curds a try. No complaints on his part, but what is there really to complain about when you take cheese and fry it. Maybe you could complain that it wasn't wrapped in bacon....okay, so there is something to complain about.
Mrs.B didn't eat for a whole day just so she could really pound down the fair food, well not really, but with the amount she did consume, you would have thought that somebody had her locked in a basement for the last week.

Finn hanging with Auntie E.

Any event held at the fair ground automatically means that you are going to get some very interesting people watching. Here are a couple of my favorites.
Nothing like taking the grandkids out for a stroll.

Are they shorts, are they pants? This dude was about 80 years old, and still rocking the punk look.
Is that a wagon, a semi trailer, or a snowmobile? Quite a piece of work regardless of what it was, Mrs.B wanted me to add this to my collection of interesting people from the fair. If you look really close, you can see the pin-up model decals...classy to the end.
I thought this VW was interesting. That is about the extent of my car knowledge.

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